Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch (NHW) is focused on preventing and reporting crime and suspicious activity

  • It is not for resolving HOA disputes or enforcing HOA rules
  • It is best to have 1 – 2 block captains assigned to each street
  • You also need one police liaison (usually the safety chair or someone from the HOA board)
  • There should be one co-chair to cover when someone is out of town or unreachable
  • NHW should contact police or the District Lieutenant anytime there is a crime or suspicious activity


The key to a successful NHW is effective communication

  • Communication must flow through the proper channels and to the community liaison to work
  • Text chains or texting apps like “Next Door” work best
  • This allows the police dept. to do their job properly, collect leads, build a database of incidents and potential suspects and suspect vehicles in the event of future crime


If you see a crime in progress or suspicious activity the following are the steps in the reporting process:

  1. Call 911
  2. Notify you Block Captain or someone on the NHW list
  3. Block Captain will notify the Safety Chair
  4. Safety Chair will contact NHW members closest to the exit of the neighborhood
  5. The Safety Chair will notify the District Lieutenant, Alex Wallace and cc our public information officer, Kim Moorehouse (


Our District Lieutenant is Alex Wallace (

  • He is responsible for all patrol units in this quadrant of York County
  • He is our NHW liaison and is involved anytime there is a law enforcement issue in MCF
  • He would like only one point of contact in MCF (Safety Chari and co-chair)
  • Alex will send out an email blast to our Safety Chair regarding urgent crime related issues in the area


What to notice and report:

  • Suspect description (gender, age, race, tatoos or other markings)
  • Color of vehicle
  • Type of vehicle (truck, van, etc…)
  • License Plate #
  • Identifying vehicle marks, stickers, etc…


Anyone in the neighborhood with video footage may reach out to the NHW or Safety Chair to provide the video for investigations

  • In some cases detectives may come through the neighborhood requesting video footage
  • If a detective comes to your door, you may verify their identity by calling the non-emergency number (803-628-3056)


When out of town for more than a few days, take advantage of the York County Property Check Program:

  • Call the non-emergency number (803-628-3056) before you leave to let them know your travel plans
  • An officer in the area will check your property daily while you are away
  • Officers are required to get out of their vehicle and check your around your home and property
  • Inform your neighbors that you are part of the program to ensure they do not worry
  • This brings more police to the neighborhood more frequently further reducing crime


Other info:

  • Reporting suspicious activity on Facebook alone usually solves nothing. The NHW and police need to know first.
  • Be friendly and let people know they’ve been noticed. The best way to prevent crime and suspicious activity is to make eye contact and wave.
  • Lock your cars. Over 75% of vehicle break-ins are unlocked cars.
  • There is almost always at least one police car in LKW, but at times, usually in the overnight hours, when fewer officers patrol, they all get called to one area of the county which may increase response times.