Pool Info
The opening of the pool does NOT warranty safety or eliminate risk of the virus.  Your health and safety are your own responsibility, and you should make informed decisions based upon personal preference and all governmental mandates, CDC, and health department recommendations. Neither the Board, nor the HOA as an entity, is responsible for your health.  Please adhere to all mandates and recommendations listed below. Residents should take their own steps to ensure their own sanitization. This is not the responsibility of the HOA. 
Here are the guidelines and safety protocols that must be followed at the pool: 
·         Maintain at least six feet separation from others not within the individual’s group.
·         Do not go to the pool if you have felt sick within the last 24 hours.
·         Wash or disinfect hands after any interaction with employees, other customers, or items.
·         Consistent with the actions taken by many individuals across the state, consider wearing cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth).
·         Do not wear face coverings while in the water.
·         Clean and sanitize recreational water equipment before and after use.
-We have sanitizer stations and the attendant has disinfectant spray, please ask if you need anything wiped down, or feel free to bring your own lysol wipes.
-Members only and household guests, we ask that no outside guests be allowed at this time to try and limit large gatherings.
-Both gates can be used to enter the pool. We request you check in with the attendant upon arrival and as always please do not hold gate for people not in your group.
-Anyone arguing with attendant can result in having their pool access revoked.
-If there is an issue with your fob please email pool@mycmg.com.
-As always, please throw away all garbage and clear your area before leaving.
-Any items left at the pool will be thrown away. ***We are not responsible for toys or items left behind.
-Frequent and flagrant rule breaking will force the closure of the pool until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.
We hope everyone remains safe and healthy.  It is important for everyone remember that opening the pool does NOT warranty that residents are safe from the virus.  
1.Swim season is from May 23, 2020-Sept 30, 2020. If any changes should be made homeowners will be notified.
2.Pool hours are from 8am-8:30pm
3.All residents will be required to sign in at the attendant station.
4.Any Homeowner delinquent on MCF dues shall have their pool privileges revoked until all said dues are paid in full.
1.No swimming alone. South Carolina requires a posting that “no children should be in the pool without supervision.”
2.Swim at your own risk. MCF Pool has a pool attendant, not a life guard
3.Each household is permitted 6 guests.
4.Key Fobs are required to enter pool.  “Scan key fob at either gate for entry.” Please do not let in neighbors without a fob.  
5.Hiring an instructor for private or group swim lessons is prohibited.
1.Shower before entering pool.  
2.No diving.
3.No running, horseplay, inappropriate language, or inappropriate activity shall be permitted.
4.No glass is permitted in pool area.
5.No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.
6.No smoking/vaping in pool area.
7.Personal sound producing devices must be kept on a low volume as to not disturb other guests during operating hours.
8.Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire while in pool. No cut off shorts permitted
9.No animals or pets are allowed in the pool area.
10.No bicycles, skateboards, hover boards, scooters, roller blades, or other such items permitted in the pool area.
11.No electrical cord or power equipment of any kind shall be used around the pool area other than battery powered radio and phones.
12.No rafts in kiddie pool (unless it is a floatation device for a child)
13.No oversized rafts permitted in the pool. Single or Double occupancy floats permitted.  If the pool is overcrowded the attendant can ask for all rafts to be removed for safety purposes.
1. No disposable diapers allowed in pool. Swim diapers only are permitted in the pool. 
2. No spitting or blowing nose in pool.
3. No person with diarrhea or nausea should enter the pool.
4. Person with open lesions or wounds should not enter pool
5. Person with skin, eye, ear or respiratory infections should not enter pool.